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Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA Launches First Mobile Chip Platform Spreadtrum SC9863 to Support Artificial Intelligence Applications


Shanghai, China – May 17, 2018 - As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA – world’s leading fabless semiconductor company with advanced technology in mobile communications and IoT, today announced the launch of its first Octa-core LTE SoC chip supporting artificial intelligence applications—Spreadtrum SC9863. This platform is targeting the global mainstream market and is capable of achieving high-performance AI operations and applications to fully enhance the smart mobile experience.

As a highly-integrated LTE chip solution, Spreadtrum SC9863 platform is based on a high-performance Octa-core 1.6 GHz Arm Cortex-A55 processor architecture. Compared with the Arm Cortex-A53, the performance of this next-generation processor is improved by 20% and AI processing power is increased by 6 times. Through its intelligent AI algorithm, Spreadtrum SC9863 can achieve real-time intelligent context detection and recognition, simultaneously enhancing the phone's ability to take smart photos and supporting the intelligent identification and classification of images in the photo gallery. In addition, Spreadtrum SC9863 supports face recognition technology based on deep neural networks, offering fast, accurate face authentication and protecting end users’ privacy and information security.  

Spreadtrum SC9863 also brings major improvements to camera's processing capabilities and innovative applications. Through the SLAM algorithm, the platform is able to support smooth, stable AR photography and video, and achieves high-precision 3D imaging and modeling functions based on IR structured light. In addition, it adopts dual ISP, supports dual cameras of up to 16 MP, achieving high-resolution, real-time depth of field photography, background replacement, dark light enhancement and real-time beautification and other functions. It also boasts strong multimedia performance and supports 1080P HD video playback as well as FHD+ (1080*2160) screen displays.

Spreadtrum SC9863 supports five-mode full-band LTE Category 7 (Cat 7) communication, as well as Carrier Aggregation and TDD/FDD hybrid networking, in addition to offering dual-card dual-VoLTE and VoWiFi functionality.

“With the advent of the age of artificial intelligence, mobile terminals will be smarter to actively perceive user needs and provide smart services,” said Mr. Adam Zeng, Global Executive Vice President of Unigroup and CEO of Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA. “Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA has always been committed to seizing rapid changes in the dynamic marketplace, creating competitive, innovative solutions that meet market demand and promoting the smart development of mobiles. The launch of Spreadtrum SC9863 platform will help endow mainstream models with rich, stable AI capabilities, allowing ordinary users around the world to enjoy the innovative technology and smart interactive experience brought by AI.”

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As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA is a leading fabless semiconductor company committed to the independent R&D of core chipsets in mobile communications and IoT. Its products cover mobile chipset platforms supporting 2G / 3G / 4G communication standards, RF chipsets, wireless connection chipsets, security chipsets, TV chipsets, and image sensor chipsets. With more than 4,500 staff, 16 R&D centers and 7 customer support centers around the world(as of Jan 2018), Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA has been the top 3 mobile baseband chipsets supplier in terms of global market share, and the largest pan-chip supplier in China with leading 5G technology. For more information, please visit

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