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UNISOC Launches the World’s Most Integrated Quad-core LTE Chip Platform SC9832E


New Delhi, India - June 20th, 2018 - As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, UNISOC, -one of the world's leading chip design companies, today announced today the launch of the world's most integrated Quad-core LTE chip platform - UNISOC SC9832E. The platform is positioned as a global mainstream market competitor. With higher integration, stronger performance and lower power consumption, it will be the preferred solution for 4G entry level smart phones.

UNISOC SC9832E possesses a mature 28nm HPC+ processor technology, featuring 1.4 GHz Quad-core Arm Cortex™- A53 processor. It is equipped with 3D graphics acceleration Mali T820 MP1 graphics processor. It supports 5-mode Cat 4 communication and VoLTE, ViLTE and VoWiFi capabilities.

With its innovative chip design technology, UNISOC SC9832E has plenty of competitive power and performance advantages. Its 3000mAh battery has excellent endurance, achieving a battery life of 200 hours. Compared with similar products on the market, UNISOC SC9832E has excellent power consumption under all types of usage scenarios. In multi-tasking environment, the power consumption on standby is reduced by 50%, and under the heavy usage the battery life can be increased by 40%. UNISOC SC9832E boasts higher performance, having both 512MB and 1GB memory versions which have been certified for Android Go. The Android Go version benchmarked 20% higher than competitive products, and games start to respond more smoothly and quickly.

In terms of camera function, UNISOC SC9832E supports up to 13 MP camera lenses. The use of third-generation commercial smart phone ISP can achieve more excellent image quality and real-time beauty deep defogging. At the same time, it has built-in chip-level high performance 3DNR, which can achieve super de-noising and enhance the night shooting experience. In addition, in the multimedia configuration, UNISOC SC9832E can support 1080P HD video playback, HD + (720 × 1440) screen display.

Mr. Adam Zeng, Global Executive Vice President of Unigroup and CEO of UNISOC said, "In a growing market with increased demand and fierce competition, the launch of UNISOC SC9832E chip platform has set a new benchmark for Quad-core LTE products. It has achieved the world's highest level of integration, performance, and power consumption, which can help our customers design intelligent terminal products with better performance and more competitiveness to meet the needs of different market segments."

As a core subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, UNISOC is a leading fabless semiconductor company committed to the independent R&D of core chipsets in mobile communications and IoT. Its products cover mobile chipset platforms supporting 2G / 3G / 4G communication standards, RF chipsets, wireless connection chipsets, security chipsets, TV chipsets, and image sensor chipsets. With more than 4,500 staff, 14 R&D centers and 7 customer support centers around the world(as of Jan 2018), UNISOC is dedicated to being one of the leading chip design companies in the world, the top 3 mobile baseband chipsets supplier in terms of global market share, and the largest pan-chip supplier in China with leading 5G technology. For more information, please visit

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