Spreadtrum is focused on a rapidly growing industry and expects a bright future.  We focus on talent and encourage employees to achieve their career goals by offering a a broad base of opportunities, career development and competitive compensation packages.  We encourage you to review our job listings and apply for a position.

Career Development

We are committed to helping our employees realize their full potential.  Most of our managers are promoted from within, and from day one, new hires have access to our extensive training programs on a variety of subjects, which include but are not limited to orientation, technical, business and management topics.

We promote a culture of performance, creativity and accountability. Employees are responsible for the end-to-end result of their work. Management provides guidance, resource and support as needed. Employee objectives are aligned with company goals.

We provide both business and technical career tracks with job rotation designed to provide employees with more opportunities to improve their skills.


Spreadtrum has adopted a comprehensive and competitive compensation system. Employee compensation is determined by individual performance and responsibility. The pay structure consists of base salary and bonus. In addition, the Company also provides a pension plan, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and housing allowance.